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Contact Joel Gratz for any snow-related questions. I’m happy to serve as a resource and know you’re probably on a tight deadline. or my cell at 720-675-7547.

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“ is taking snow forecasting and reporting to the next level. We built a site that feels modern, provides usable and clear information, and above all else – conveys how much fun it is to play in the snow.”

Story Angles

Breaking down a market inefficiency. Meteorologists know a lot about the weather, but this isn’t effectively communicated to people that need to know. We’re closing this gap, one forecast at a time.

Re-thinking the interface of weather. Technology is changing, but weather information is still brought to nearly 50% of people through TV, which is the same way it’s been done for half a century. Instead, weather should be on demand and alert you when you need to know something, or stay out of the way when you don’t.

Last-minute travel. Who says you have to leave weather to chance? We help people take advantage of last-minute travel opportunities to find fresh snow (or warm sun) for their winter vacation.

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