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Recently Answered Questions

Is it common for Utah to be this dry at the end of October? When do they start seeing big storm push in? Thanks

Answered 7 hours ago

joel, do you know about geoengineering and the site ??? a lot of science about climate modification there might be worth checking out if you have not been informed on subject ? the plant is changing fast.....

Answered 6 days ago

Joel, maybe I'm living in fantasy land, but it looks like the Madden Julian Oscillation is entering a good phase and the Arctic Oscillation is tracking negative right now. In the past I noticed that these two factors combined usually equal good snow for Colorado. With the storm door opening starting next Tuesday/Wednesday, does this normally correspond with a 2-3 week storm window to start base building at the resorts? I know there is no way to tell 10+ days out, but just curious on this one.

Answered 1 week ago

So today in NYC we had our first taste of the winter---cold, rainy and temps approaching 50 degrees. I know Whiteface reported up to 2 inches this week, the first (they claim) in the NE. Any predictions for this winter? How about when the reporting can begin?

Answered 2 weeks ago

Joel, Would it be possible to maybe have an option for longer (more frames) time lapse views? maybe double or triple what you have now. I just noticed that at least at breck they upgraded their webcams (vista haus at least). Would be pretty cool to see a longer view. Thanks, Chris

Answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Joel, I've been reading your forecasts for years an have loved them! I just moved to Portland Oregon, what do you suggest for a north west/mount hood... Thank you! Michael

Answered 3 weeks ago

Are there any new updates with what might happen with El Niño this winter? And what it will do the the weather in Colorado and Utah. Thanks Jon

Answered 3 weeks ago

Your forcast at Vail is exactly for what location? Mid Vail? or Mtn top. I am using your temps and assuming they are not for the base area?

Answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Joel, I recently heard that one of the few predictors for a snow year is early season snowfall. Apparently, the more significant snow Colorado receives in September or October correlates to bad snow years. Have you heard of this before? Or is this just pure malarkey?

Answered 4 weeks ago

Joel, Yes, it is great to hear you talking about snow again! However...What do you think the forecast is looking like for the Tour of the Moon on October 4? Do I need to plan on some cold weather cycling gear?

Answered 4 weeks ago
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