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I really would appreciate getting an OPENSNOW T shirt. It was my favorite but my wife has claimed it as hers. Any chance you have any more or you will offer them again?

Answered 2 days ago

Camping in Poncha Springs BLM west of Salida tonight (9/12/2014), how many inches of pow should we expect?

Answered 4 days ago

Hi, any possibility of rain in south lake tahoe 9/19-21? Buc

Answered 5 days ago

I'm planning trips this winter to Banff, Revelstoke and Colorado. Could you provide forecasts for Canada. As soon as the snow starts I check you site daily. Thanks

Answered 1 week ago

Joel - Average first snowfall in Denver is 10/19, last year we were right on schedule. What's your prediction this year?

Answered 2 weeks ago

I live near Wolf Creek Pass, but am considering relocating to the Olympic Peninsula. Considering amounts of snow and length of season, would this be a move for the better?

Answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Joel, Thank for your work and sharing it with us--even over the summer. As a bit of weather geek and skier, OpenSnow is perfect in my opinion! My question is off topic from ski season snow, but related to the weather in Colorado. I live in extreme southeast Colorado (Baca County) and was wondering what the forecast models might be showing for the southeast plains in regards to moisture trends for the coming winter. I've read a fair bit on the Rockies, but I haven't found too much for the plains. I've found maps from the Drought Monitor website, but I get a little lost in some of the technical analysis. I work with many farmers and ranchers who have struggled in the drought and I was curious if you might have some insight to any trends. I certainly understand that long-range forecasts are not terribly useful and I understand this is beyond the realm of the focus of the website, but I appreciate your thoughts. Thank you for your time!

Answered 4 weeks ago

So, the last time a big volcano erupted in Iceland (1783), the Mississippi froze at New Orleans. Now that there's a very real risk of an even larger volcano erupting in Iceland. As horrible as this could be for travel, food production, etc, what could it mean for ski season?

Answered 4 weeks ago

Hi Joel Love your site! I signed up for the pro this year. Not too humid in Philly this summer, but still Colorado dreaming about the winter. I saved your article from last year where you talked about your new powder skis and I have a few questions. 1) You say "find the lightest skis". What is considered light for a ski that is 175-180cm long and as wide as your powder skis (126mm at he waist)? Most of the skis I see on-line weigh are in the 9-10.5 lb. range. 2) How much should bindings weigh? My guess is they are the biggest swing factor in weight. 3) On-line I can't find skis that are skinnier in the tail than in the waist. Do you know of any brands that have these types of skis? Thanks.

Answered 4 weeks ago

Hey team - Weak to moderate El Nino - What does this typically mean for the Northern Rockies (WY). I have read conflicting opinions. Some say dry, others are far more optimistic because of the strength - . Your opinions? Mike

Answered 5 weeks ago
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