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Recently Answered Questions

Joel, Does this weekend storm look to bring a decent amount of rain to the front range cities?

Answered 4 hours ago

Hi Joel Two questions The storm for this wed 4-23 /Thursday 4-24 Wed or thurs better day to ski? How much longer will you be forecasting this year Thanks Brian

Answered 3 days ago

Hey Joel; How's the snow pack west of the divide looking thiz spring?

Answered 1 week ago

Hi Larry, I'm coming to Portland on the 24th and am planning on a trip to Hood or Crystal (which you mentioned) to ski Friday and Saturday. What does it look like for those dates and should I bring my passport and just hit Whistler? Looks like a good party at Hood with the pond skimming. I'm down for spring corn but not for slush. Mike

Answered 1 week ago

Joel - headed out for Vail's closing weekend - any insight on weather? and chance of mid-week storm being delayed?

Answered 1 week ago

Hi Joel I haven't heard if the wind will be an issue on Sunday wondering your take as far as possible lift closures Also wondering if I leave Denver at 6:30 or 7 am if I chance road closures on i70 as well as berthed pass on the drive up to winter park I would prefer to go up later like leaving Denver at 8 am as starting skiing at 8:30 could be rough but will go early if need be so I don't get skunked Any insight appreciated Thanks Brian

Answered 2 weeks ago

Where would u ski? sunday, mon, and Tues. On plane to denver now. Looking for the best snow with terrain like alta

Answered 2 weeks ago

THis is to Bryan A in Tahoe. I am a regular tahoe snow reader and really appreciate all you write ! and have sent your link to many tahoe friends.. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answered 2 weeks ago

Hey Joel Is it too early to tell if we wake up to just a little snow Sunday morning for winter park and then heaviest snow falls early Sunday or will there be a lull and then dump early or late morning or does it even hold off till noon or after to get the majority of the 6-9 forecasted Thanks Brian

Answered 2 weeks ago

Joel, skiing Sat 12 thru Tues 15th. Will Colorado ski any better than Lower Cottonwood. It looks pretty warm this week at both places. Does the possible weekend storm look like it will hit either area better. Where would you ski? Any spots that stay in the shade that wouldn't have the melt/freeze thing going on.

Answered 2 weeks ago
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