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kevin cuddie Asked

Hi Joel, love the site. Thanks! Any chance you guys could report how much snow fell at a resort rather than passing on what the resort says they got? All the Vail resorts in Summit County are known for really overstating the amount of snow they get - especially when its been real bad and they need some numbers. Beaver Creek last week looked like it got half of what they said. I spoke with some employees I know there and they were laughing too. They thought the report was about 8 inches more than what really fell. If an independent/unbiased source could give us accurate numbers I know a lot of people would love it! Thanks for your time

Answered 2 years ago

Joel Gratz Answered

Hi Kevin - 

I wish we controled the snow report:-) Some people have started a forum thread called LiveSnow where they talk about what they're seeing out there. That could be helpful. Also, some resorts have a snow stake cam (i.e. Copper) so you can see exactly how much snow they're measuring.


Answered 2 years ago