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February 7 2013, 8:46am timw asked:

Hey Joel, Love the site. I need to decide in the next hour or two whether to head to Steamboat for the weekend or stay local - Eldora. Are we still looking at a good upslope or are the models starting to favor west and north? And if I head to Steamboat how ugly is it going to be getting back to Boulder on Sunday evening?

February 7 2013, 10:43am Joel Gratz answered:

Great question - I think Steamboat now looks like a good option. No promises for major pow up there, but the base is good and these should see some good wrap around on Sat night / Sunday. Eldora will still get snow, but without a big upslope I don't think it's going to be a big pow day.

Sunday could be an OK drive, at least weatherwise. Some snow over Rabit Ears and also around the tunnel, but I'd hope that the lower elevations along US40 and east of the tunnel are drier. Just want for the I-70 traffic!


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