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February 7 2013, 10:52am seth.agnew asked:

Hi Joel, Evan- so i won't ask about a forcast for after Presidents Day weekend, but am trying to get out to Alta/Snowbird for a week of skiing the end of this month or 1st week in March, and i'm pretty flexible on departure days. I just want to jet in an afternoon before a storm and ride it out, but i really want to catch one of those 5-6 day snowfall events.. If the pattern change that we've been hoping for arrives, ie west, NW flow, does that typically mean that the flow will bring those multiple storm fronts that piggy back one after another? -Seth

February 7 2013, 10:59am Joel Gratz answered:

That's definitely a possibility, but as you mentioned, really no way to predict this a few weeks in advance. You definitely are looking for a nice storm to come through with a day or two of northwest flow behind the storm...that's the best!


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