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Wet on the Slopes

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 Rain on Snow – say it ain’t so!

 “I’m melting” Wicked Snow Witch of the West

 Snow upper slopes, maybe

The Open Snow Inside Story

The NW weather will be mess through Thursday, with a warm front bringing 2-7” of rain from north Oregon to BC. The snow level will be 6000 (Whistler), 7000ft (Crystal), 7500ft Bachelor. This is an mild atmospheric river pattern, originating in the tropics. The rain will melt a bit of the minor snow we got over the weekend. There may be a little new snow on the upper slopes, later in the storm, Friday morning. Whistler has the best chance to benefit, but again only mid station upward – really Roundhouse to Whistler bowls and 7th Heaven, Blackcomb side. Bachelor will not get much precipitation at all.

A Look Ahead

Expect more rain and mild temperatures on Thursday. The rain will crank up again with a SL of 6500ft on Thursday, not fun! The models have been irregular with inconsistent solutions for the weekend, but are now firming up. The weekend will see showers with cooler weather and lower snow levels, providing a possible fresh veneer of new snow on the pack, but overall a much drier and cooler pattern.


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