The Upper Midwest Daily Snow

Snow & Powder Forecasts for Upper Midwest

Surprise! And more on the way.

Well Saturday mornings model runs came in and surprised almost everyone as it almost tripled the snow amounts over central and southern Minnesota and Wisconsin for Sunday night. So here we are, Monday morning with many places receiving between 3-6" through the afternoon and evening, with some places seeing almost 8"!

The sad news is that most of the snow fell in places that had already announced their closing dates to be Sunday afternoon. Wild Mountain, Afton, Mount Kato and many of the other Twin Cities area resorts are now closed for the season, even with 4" of new snow on their slopes. While areas further north that were spared the 60s didn't see a snowflake over the weekend.

Things look to change for this week, with a large storm system moving south from Canada on Tuesday evening. Seeing that this storm has hung around in the models for almost a week now, I am feeling confident that it will deliver as promised. However, we've also had quite a few storms take this track during this winter and be complete duds. All of that said, the new snow on the ground has made me an optimist and I'm sticking with it! The splitting storm will bring snow to both southern and northern Minnesota, along with a swath of Wisconsin and the UP also seeing a few inches as well. Nothing too exciting for late March, but snow nonetheless.

Snowfall through the week, a few inches north and south.

After this storm, things quiet down and start to warm up again. As with this last one-two punch, it's not too late in the year for snow, just to help a dud of a season. Enjoy the skiing that's left!