The Upper Midwest Daily Snow

Snow & Powder Forecasts for Upper Midwest

Snow tomorrow!


Now that I have your attention, it finally looks like we will be getting a decent snowstorm. After a weekend, of waiting for the models to trend away from the low pressure system moving in from the southwest, it looks like it will hold true, cutting right across the Upper Midwest. Now here is the good and bad news...

The good news is that with where the storm is coming from, and the fact that it's not moving too quickly, many areas have the chance to pickup 3-6" during the day on Tuesday. The bad news is that the amounts over 4" will be limited to a very small area, most likely over western Minnesota and along the UP where orographic snow showers will linger overnight into Wednesday. Additionally, there will be very strong winds accompanying the storm on Tuesday and into Wednesday, which will make being out in the storm less than pleasant. 

Finally some blue over the entire region! Snowfall forecast through Wednesday AM.

Regardless, finally some decent snow in the forecast instead of the dusting we have seen over the past two weeks.

Looking for the rest of the week, things dry out and get sunny and cold again soon, especially on Wednesday. Temperatures will struggle to get back to the 20s that day, especially with the new snow cover. However, right now it looks like by Friday we could be getting near freezing again, so with low winds and the sun shining, might be the perfect Friday to be "sick".

Look ahead even further, things are all over the place, but the trend for March looks to stay on the cold side with below normal temperatures.

Enjoy the snow tomorrow and be safe!