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Snow pictures from winter storm Obamney

Sunday, November 11th

Somewhere in the Cottonwood Canyons of Utah with 4 feet of fresh snow:
Photo: Brian Muller
Skier: Chris Bishop


Irwin (Colorado), a cat-skiing location west of Crested Butte. 20 inches.


Snowbird (Utah) with 45+ inches. Photo: @dfields


Saturday, November 10th

Silverton (Colorado) ski patrol taking turns. Ignore the timestamp, this picture is from today (November 10, 2012).


Aspen (Colorado) and Birdy the Dog.

Birdy the Dog

Telluride (Colorado).


Snowbird (Utah). Total: 15"+


Sunlight (Colorado). Total: 10"


Wolf Creek (Colorado). Total: 18"

Wolf Creek

Friday, November 9th

Durango (Colorado)


Durango Road

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