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Model Outlook

Snow forecast for the next five days
Source: American GFS Weather Model

The 6-10 day temperature outlook
Source: National Weather Service
The 6-10 day precipitation outlook; includes rain & snow.
Source: National Weather Service

The truth about long-range forecasts

I hate long range forecasts. They DO NOT reliably predict the details of each storm, and the details are what determines a powder day vs. no powder day. However, long range forecasts are DECENT at predicting the overall storm track 6-8 days into the future. For best results, don't jump up and down for powder until the storm is 2-3 days away. Also, by reading this long-range forecast, you agree to not hold us responsible for your massive mood swings as powder is often forecasted and then un-forecasted for your favorite mountain. We'll do our best to keep you sane, but we can't reimburse your Xanax bill.

Joel Gratz, Meteorologist

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