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We had a little snow overnight (trace – 4”). A weak system is moving through today, sadly, with even less snow than I thought yesterday. Expect an additional 1 to 2” of snow, mainly Crystal and White pass. Whistler to The Summit will see less than 2” of snow. The snow level will be 3500ft.  Most of the snow from this weak system will fall in Oregon. Expect 3-7” for Bachelor, with a 4000ft snow level.

Expect sunny and dry over the weekend as high pressure moves into the region.

NW Open Snow Extended

Monday a weak system will result in a trace of snow.  I am not so sure we are going to see the March comeback we are all hoping for. It is certainly possible to get many feet of snow in March – but it’s not in the cards at this point. It looks like a dry pattern into mid next week. After than it’s uncertain.

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