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Full on spring skiing & chair lift story


High pressure will continue through the weekend with more sunshine and great visibility on the slopes. Late season snow coverage is excellent and above normal. Expect spring skiing conditions with firm snow in the morning then softening by mid to late morning. Temperatures will be warming, with less wind for Friday and into the weekend.

Short Term Forecast

The skiing is outstanding. I was at Crystal on Wednesday and you could see 100 plus miles - from Mt Adams / Mt Hood in the south to Baker to the north. Snow and conditions were absolutely superb.

Do not expect any precipitation this weekend or really not many clouds either. Next week the high pressure will flatten. That will allow cooler temperatures, a few more clouds - but still partly sunny skies and no precipitation.


Extended Forecast

NOTE: Note: In the next week ski areas will start to operate with different hours and days of operation. Many will start to close down by mid-April. Check ski area websites for the latest


A funny chairlift story…

Last weekend I was skiing solo at the Summit. I shared a chairlift ride with a fellow skier who I did not know. We were both masked up – both unrecognizable. We were talking about this great La Nina snowfall this year. He picked off many wonderful powder days. He said he followed Larry Schick’s forecast and powder reports and was never let down. He did not realize he was sharing the chair with me. I said, “Yeah I know who he is, his forecast’s suck. He is the worst” Then the guy enthusiastically jumps in and starts defending me. It was awesome. I felt so honored. He really stood up for me!

At the end of the chair ride, I finally introduced myself and thanked him for his loyalty, confidence and support.

Funny thing, he did not believe it was me. I removed my mask and said yes it was really me.  He graciously conceded it was me. I thanked him again. I was so humbled. That was a special moment, warmed my heart. Thank you, sir! And thanks to all of you in the Kingdom of the Powder Poobah..

That really made my day.

 Larry Schick - Meteorologist   OpenSnow NW

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