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Record Cold Transitions to Dry and Mild


We are starting this week with record setting cold. High pressure will begin to take control and we can expect warming as we head through this week as we enter a long stretch of dry weather.

Short Term Forecast

Brrrrrrr.... It's cold out there!

Our temperature map overlay on OpenSnow showing very cold temps! 

It is 12.9F as of writing this at my house on the east side of the Salt Lake Valley. Temperatures along the Wasatch Front generally ranging from 10 to 20F this morning. SLC Airport broke it's record minimum for the date. Mountain locations are generally in the single digits to around or just below zero. Some of the colder locations are several degrees below zero with the notorious cold Peter Sinks seeing at least -17F this morning. 

What makes this cold snap even more remarkable is how warm we had been this season up until this point. 5 days ago, the coldest temperature I had seen at my house this season was 35F. Yesterday's high didn't even approach that and now we are at 12F. How quickly things can change! 

The storm has dropped well to our south and we are mostly on the road to recovery as high pressure takes control. Temps will warm by 20-30 degrees throughout the week back to near or just above normal values. Unfortunately, we will dry out completely. 

Extended Forecast

No more storms. At least not anytime soon. We will remain dry thru the rest of October and well into November if current models are correct. There are some weak signs of potential change during the second week of November, but at this point we can only cross our fingers. I will be updating every couple days as I see potential pattern changes evolve. Keep the faith! 

Evan | OpenSnow

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