1 year ago

Did Anyone Accurately Predict the 2018-19 Winter Season?

Each August, as we start hearing outlooks for the upcoming winter season, we find it amusing to go back and look at the forecasts from this …
1 year ago

OpenSummit Website & Android App Updates

OpenSummit is our summer service that provides precipitation, lightning, temperature, and wind forecasts for mountain locations across the …
1 year ago

OpenSnow & OpenSummit: One Login, One Subscription

We're on a quest to make things simpler and to provide even more value to our $19/year All-Access subscription.
2 years ago

Hundreds of Mountain Weather Forecasts Now Available on OpenSummit

We first launched OpenSummit during the fall of 2016 as your home to find hourly weather forecasts for Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks, or as …