2 days ago

24-Hour Snow Reports & Season-to-Date Snowfall, Explained

For ski areas, snow reporting should be as simple as...
3 weeks ago

North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) - Explained

The North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) describes the changes in the strength of two pressure patterns in the atmosphere and can have major imp…
1 month ago

Are You Prepared For An Injury In The Backcountry?

Pictures and video are from a February 2023 evacuation in a remote corner of Hokkaido, Japan.  I look back at my early years of ski tou…
1 month ago

All About Nor’easters and Coastal Storms

A large Nor’easter or coastal storm can make or break the ski season on the East Coast.
2 months ago

How Weather Impacts Avalanche Conditions & Forecasting Tools For Safe Backcountry Travel

This article is sponsored by our friends at Arc'teryx, who are dedicated to backcountry education and inclusivity in the outdoors.
2 months ago

How Pro Skier Caroline Gleich Uses OpenSnow to Plan Powder Days & Mountaineering Trips

OpenSnow is my go-to app for all things skiing, snow, and weather.
3 months ago

Track Storms With High-Resolution Weather Maps

We believe that the "Maps" screen in OpenSnow is one of the most underutilized features of our service and the All-Access subscription.Our …
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Your Essential Tools for Tracking Storms & Planning Powder Days

When it comes to tracking storms, you can either dig through multiple clunky websites and spend hours sifting through weather data or you c…
3 months ago

November 28, 2022 7-Day Snow Forecast Verification

OpenSnow prides itself on providing credible and accurate mountain weather forecasts, while also being transparent about our mistakes.
4 months ago

Lake Effect Snow

How does lake effect snow occur?  Lake effect snow occurs when cold air moves across relatively warm, unfrozen waters.
4 months ago

Citizen Science Opportunities

Did you know that even you can contribute to weather and climate data in the United States?
4 months ago

How Pro Ski Cody Townsend Uses OpenSnow to Confidently Plan Mountain Adventures

In skiing, conditions are everything.