1 week ago

Lake Effect Snow

How does lake effect snow occur?  Lake effect snow occurs when cold air moves across relatively warm, unfrozen waters.
2 weeks ago

Citizen Science Opportunities

Did you know that even you can contribute to weather and climate data in the United States?
3 weeks ago

How Cody Townsend Uses OpenSnow

In skiing, conditions are everything.
2 months ago

What Does the "Probability of Precipitation" Mean Exactly?

One of the most common, but least understood, elements of a weather forecast is the probability of precipitation.
2 months ago

Cold Fronts & Warm Fronts

Fronts are important when it comes to mountain recreation because they signify an abrupt change in the weather.
2 months ago

The Jet Stream & Its Influence on Mountain Weather

The jet stream is a meteorological phenomenon our forecasters often mention when describing winter storms and snowfall.
3 months ago

La NiƱa Is Strengthening, Potential Winter 2022-2023 Impacts

For the upcoming winter season, a "Triple Dip La Niña” looks to be in-store and better yet, current sea surface temperatures a…
3 months ago

2022-2023 Winter Forecast Preview

The 2022-2023 winter season is just around the corner and many of you are already curious about how the upcoming season will shape up in te…
3 months ago

Weather Factors That Influence Fire Danger

Wildfires are a common occurrence across the mountainous regions of the United States.
4 months ago

Flash Flood Safety in Canyon Country

Flash flooding is one of the most dangerous hazards for hiking and canyoneering in the Southwest U.S., for areas such as Utah, Arizona, New …
4 months ago

Flash Floods and Outdoor Recreation: The Basics

Flash floods are one of the most underrated weather hazards and kill more people annually in the United States than any other weather hazard.
5 months ago

The North American Monsoon

The North American Monsoon is a seasonal circulation of subtropical moisture that develops over Northern Mexico and extends into the Southwest U.S.