5 days ago

The North American Monsoon

The North American Monsoon is a seasonal circulation of subtropical moisture that develops over Northern Mexico and extends into the Southwest U.S.
2 weeks ago

Lightning Safety in the Mountains

Lightning is one of the greatest hazards to outdoor recreation in the summer months, especially in mountain ranges such as the Rockies where…
3 weeks ago

Understanding the Various Types of Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms come in a variety of shapes in sizes.
4 weeks ago

Three Key Ingredients for Mountain Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms are a common occurrence in mountain environments during the warmer months, and represent one of the greater weather hazards fo…
1 month ago

Understanding Ridges and Troughs

When evaluating ridges and troughs, meteorologists look at wind and pressure both at the surface and in the upper levels of the atmosphere.
9 months ago

Weather vs. Climate - Explained

Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get.
1 year ago

Getting Started Guide

OpenSnow is your trusted source for the most advanced snow forecast, snow report, high-resolution map overlays, and ski conditions information.
1 year ago

5 Pro Ski Tips from Michelle Parker

Michelle Parker is without a doubt one of the most dominant female skiers of the past decade.
1 year ago

5 Pro Ski Tips from Cody Townsend

Cody Townsend is one of the most awarded athletes in freeskiing history.
1 year ago

Reading Radar - Explained

Radar shows us if there is precipitation falling through the sky and helps you to answer the question, "Is it currently or about to rain or snow?".
1 year ago

La NiƱa & Winter Forecasts - Explained

The following analysis was written by Nathan Lenssen, a lover of powder as well as a Ph.D.
2 years ago

Reading Weather Maps - Explained

If weather forecasters could only look at one map, the 500 millibar height map would be it.