1 day ago

5 Pro Ski Tips from Cody Townsend

Cody Townsend is one of the most awarded athletes in freeskiing history.
4 months ago

Reading Radar - Explained

Radar shows us if there is precipitation falling through the sky and helps you to answer the question, "Is it currently or about to rain or snow?".
5 months ago

La NiƱa & Winter Forecasts - Explained

The following analysis was written by Nathan Lenssen, a lover of powder as well as a Ph.D.
9 months ago

Reading Weather Maps - Explained

If weather forecasters could only look at one map, the 500 millibar height map would be it.
9 months ago

Temperature Inversion - Explained

Temperature inversions are observed when the air temperature increases with height.
9 months ago

Lake Effect Snow - Explained

Lake effect snow occurs when cold air moves across relatively warm, unfrozen waters.
10 months ago

Atmospheric River (AR) - Explained

Atmospheric Rivers (ARs) can deliver significant amounts of precipitation to the West Coast, and feet of snow as well.
10 months ago

Lenticular Clouds - Explained

If you live near or spend time in the mountains, you have likely seen a spectacular smooth lens-shaped cloud called a lenticular.
10 months ago

Snowflakes - Explained

What controls the type of powder that we ski?
10 months ago

SNOTEL - Explained

Most weather stations in the United States are located at airports and in populated areas, most skiers and snowboarders enjoy powder in the …
10 months ago

Infrared Satellite - Explained

There are many tools you can use to track snow including several types of satellite images.
10 months ago

How Far in Advance Can We Predict a Storm?

One of the questions we get asked the most is, "how much snow will we see during my trip on "x" date?".