1 year ago

Mountain Orographics - Explained

Creating snow takes two main ingredients – moisture and rising air.
1 year ago

The Jet Stream - Explained

Most people hear the term Jet Stream and think of storms.
1 year ago

Weather Forecast Models - Explained

Do you ever wonder what meteorologists mean when they mention "models", and how these models are used to forecast the weather?
1 year ago

Perfect Powder - Explained

A perfect powder day typically involves good friends, short lift lines, and of course, skiing deep powder snow.
1 year ago

8 Ways to Save Money on a Winter Ski Vacation

Ski trips aren’t cheap.
1 year ago

Snowmaking - Explained

Natural snow is the best kind of snow, but when it comes to preparing most ski resorts for the upcoming winter season, snowmaking plays a big role.
1 year ago

Did Anyone Accurately Predict the 2018-19 Winter Season?

Each August, as we start hearing outlooks for the upcoming winter season, we find it amusing to go back and look at the forecasts from this …
1 year ago

The Polar Vortex - Explained

What is the Polar Vortex?
1 year ago

ENSO, El Niño, & La Niña - Explained

You often hear weather forecasters begin their discussion about the upcoming winter forecast by looking at the current state of the El Ni&n…
3 years ago

Backcountry Skiing & Avalanche Safety Resources

We can not stress enough the importance of taking the precautionary steps if you decide to go outside the ski resort boundaries and into th…
4 years ago

The Importance of Wearing a Helmet When Participating in Alpine Sports

The number of skiers and snowboarders who wear helmets on the slopes has increased, but not everyone has been convinced to put on head gear …
4 years ago

How El Nino, La Nina, and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation influence snowfall in the United States. Unfortunately, it's complicated.

During the late summer and early autumn, myself and most other die-hard skiers tend to let their thoughts drift to the possibility of future…