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4 months ago

Lenticular Clouds - Explained

If you live near or spend any in the mountains, you have likely seen a spectacular smooth lens-shaped cloud called a lenticular.
5 months ago

WATCH: The FIFTY - The Sickle

The classic line called "The Sickle" in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho is a ski line that at first sight, just begs to be skied.
5 months ago

April 2020 Snowpack Update

The map below shows the percent of snowpack compared to the average snowpack for that day.
5 months ago

Snowflakes - Explained

What controls the type of powder that we ski?
5 months ago

SNOTEL - Explained

Most weather stations in the United States are located at airports and in populated areas, most skiers and snowboarders enjoy powder in the …
5 months ago

Infrared Satellite - Explained

There are many tools you can use to track snow including several types of satellite images.
5 months ago

WATCH: The FIFTY - McGown Peak

Celebrating the halfway mark of the project (in number only), this special episode goes into showing how the research, ski community, and p…
5 months ago

Final Update of the 2019-2020 Season

As most of us sit at home or enjoy safe non-lift-serviced skiing experiences close to home (please do not travel from cities into mountain …
5 months ago

How Far in Advance Can We Predict a Storm?

One of the questions we get asked the most is, "how much snow will we see during my trip on "x" date?".
5 months ago

Help Support COVID-19 Relief Efforts

In an effort to help support COVID-19 relief efforts, we have created a resource for local foundations that are deploying funds to the most…
6 months ago

An Update From The OpenSnow Team

Hello, and we hope that you are in good health!
6 months ago

WATCH: The FIFTY - Mt. Shuksan

Standing watch above the Mt Baker Ski Area in Washington state is Mt.