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As Mel Brooks said in Spaceballs, “There’s two sides to every Schwartz, the upside and the downside.” For weather forecasting, the upside is human-powered forecasts, and the downside is computer-generated forecasts.

We have a human-powered website. We hand craft snow forecasts for Colorado (more states coming soon), write about powder in The Daily Snow, answer your questions in Ask the Weatherman, and allow you to customize the site to your liking with your favorite locations and custom snow alerts.

This human power takes a lot of time, and is geared just for you, you snow snob, you. Other weather sites are completely computer generated, which means far less accurate snow forecasts (computers stink at predicting snow in mountains) and no witty and helpful thoughts from an actual skiing weatherman.

Because we focus just on snow lovers wanting the best snow information, we don’t have a zillion visits, which means we don’t make a ton on advertising.

If you like what we do, throw in a few bucks. This will help us to help you have more fun in the snow, which is what it’s all about!

For the snow,
Joel Gratz, Founder of

If I donate, do I get anything in return?

For sure! First, you get our undying love and support, and also the satisfaction of supporting a new kind of weather website. Second, we upgrade you to VIP status, which means people will know you’re a big shot. Third, we’re working with our industry partners to give you, the newly anointed VIP, some nice perks. Stay tuned…we’re working to take care of you as much as we can.

Why your donation is needed

  • We provide a fully customized site just for snow lovers and reach hundreds of thousands of people with the best forecasts on the web, and we do it with just two people.
  • We bootstrapped the business, so capital is not, eh, unlimited :-)
  • Keeping this site up is a full-time job for us, though since we focus just on snow, we only get 0.2% of the traffic of Good for you (better forecasts!), bad for us (little advertising revenue).
  • Your donation helps us to figure out if customized weather information is valuable, which should help us turn this thing into an even more awesome, growing business.
  • Ramen noodles are only so good for so long. Help us to move beyond this point!

Money is cool, but you can help us in other ways too!

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