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We’re a team of weather forecasters who write local blogs, make inch-by-inch forecasts, and send powder alerts so that you can catch every powder day.

Recent Local Blogs

By Joel Gratz • 12 hrs ago
Snow up high, then wind arrives this weekend
Temperatures have been cold enough for snow to fall on the highest peaks during the last few days. Flakes have accumulated above about 12,000 feet, and... [more]
By Joel Gratz • 1 day ago
Spinning storm dropping snow on Colorado
  A slow-moving system is spinning over south-central Colorado on Monday. This storm is drawing moisture from the south and wrapping this moisture... [more]
By Joel Gratz • 4 days ago
Pictures of snow and big changes to next week's forecast
  Snow has fallen on peaks over 12,000 feet a few times this week. I collected a few pictures that resorts have sent and also a reader picture from up on... [more]
By Joel Gratz • 6 days ago
Snow above 12,000 feet
The last week or two of August usually gives Colorado our first taste of winter, and this August is no exception!   Snow on the peaks on Wednesday... [more]
By Joel Gratz • 1 week ago
Pictures from being above the clouds last weekend
  Looking back over the weekend The weather this weekend was perfect for just about any outside activity, including getting above the clouds on Saturday... [more]
By Bryan Allegretto • 1 week ago
ENSO, PDO, QBO, and Snowfall...
Today I want to start taking a look at the oscillations and sea surface temperature patterns that may begin to point us in the direction of our Winter Snowfall... [more]

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