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We’re a team of weather forecasters who write local blogs, make inch-by-inch forecasts, and send powder alerts so that you can catch every powder day.

Recent Local Blogs

By Evan Thayer • 1 day ago
2015-2016 Utah Season Wrap-Up
While there will continue to be skiing up at Snowbird thru the end of the month, for the most part, the season is over and our minds are turning to other... [more]
By Bryan Allegretto • 1 day ago
Days of Thunderstorms...
We saw some light showers Monday and we have a chance of scattered showers again this afternoon.   Then Wednesday a low slowly moves inland to our South... [more]
By Joel Gratz • 1 day ago
A nice week, then a chance for Mothers Day Powder
Monday was a beautiful day across Colorado with a few showers in the afternoon, especially in the southern mountains. Now on Tuesday morning, the sun is... [more]
By Larry Schick • 2 days ago
2015-16 season recap & next season's Big Powder Potential
Time to wrap it up for this season…. 2015-16 - Season recap: Snowfall in the NW turned out to be at or above normal for most ski areas. That is better... [more]
By Sam Collentine • 2 days ago
High-Elevation Snow Returns Thursday
Summary & Details After an eventful weekend, our weather will turn warm and quiet along the I-70 mountain corridor through Wednesday. Mid-mountain highs... [more]
By Joel Gratz • 2 days ago
Dry week ahead, then more snow next weekend
Summary Sunday was another great late-season powder day across the state with about 6 inches falling at Wolf Creek and smooth powder in the central and... [more]

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