The Colorado Daily Snow

Snow & Powder Forecasts for Colorado

A few dry days, a few wet days


  • Monday and Tuesday will be showery
  • Wednesday and Thursday back to drier weather
  • Moisture and showers for Friday and Saturday
  • Hopeful for drier weather on Sunday and Monday


The first 2/3rds of the weekend stayed dry for most areas, but then a surge of moisture pushed into Colorado on Sunday afternoon which led to showers for many mountains.

Then the moisture (and some showers) hung on during Sunday night and is still with us today on Monday.

The water vapor satellite image shows the moisture streaming into Colorado from the southwest. Look for the grey and blue colors, which depict areas of more moisture.


Under this moisture plume, we are already (at 1230pm on Monday) seeing showers popping up along the I-70 corridor west of Vail and over the San Juan mountains in southwest Colorado.


Expect these showers to persist through Monday afternoon. Most locations should dry out on Monday night, then afternoon showers are likely again on Tuesday.

The driest days of the week will likely be Wednesday and Thursday. I will not call these days completely dry as some mountains could see a few showers, especially south of I-70 and east of the divide.

Then another moisture surge will likely push into Colorado on Friday, so we’ll see an increase in showers on Friday afternoon or evening (can’t pin down the timing just yet), and then this moisture will lead to another showery day on Saturday.

To our north, a cold storm will bring snow this week to Alaska and western Canada, and then this storm will likely drop snow on the higher mountains of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming this weekend. I am hopeful that as this storm moves from west-to-east across the northern Rockies, it will change our flow of weather from southwest to west, and this could dry us out for Sunday and Monday of Labor Day weekend. It’s too soon to bet on this, but if I had to pick the drier weekend days, right now I would shoot for Sunday and Monday.

More updates through the week!