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Liberty Mountain, Roundtop and Whitetail all out making snow

What do you do on a record cold day in November, well when you at a ski resort? We've heard about the mesmerizing Lake Effect Snow, but locally it seems like a waste of cold air with this darn Polar Vortex. But Liberty Mountain just over the boarder in southern PA has fired up their snow guns. With temperatures in the 20s and low dew points, those are prime mid winter conditions to make the fake powder.  But in all honesty its just as good as the real thing. I've been there and even recorded a video series a few years ago.  This report is purely out of the love of winter and Faith-in-the-Flakes regardless how they arrive.

All about that base: Snow at sister resorts too

Snow Time Inc. Owns all three nearby ski areas: Liberty Mountain, and also Roundtop and Whitetail. All three are pumping out the powder today. While it may seem early, these areas opened just after Thanksgiving last year for the first time in 13 years.  Laying down the base of snow will help either allow a base to build or chill the ground to receive additional snow.  There is a brief warm up before Thanksgiving, but another cold snap on and after the Holiday.  Check out the coverage across the region today. Then see the video from Liberty below.

Video: Snowmaking at Liberty

I love this! Zack Koneffko deserves credit for another stellar production.


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