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Spring is here...

Well, winter has finally lost its grip on the region and it looks like spring-time temperatures and conditions are here to stay. Sure, winter still may re-emerge at higher elevations but even that is becoming more and more unlikely with each passing week. After all, it is the middle of April. Even though there is still plenty of snow out there, resorts are slowly closing down for the season. All of this means that I will only be updating more this season if I see something major coming down the pipeline. Now don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean that I've given up on ski season. There's still plenty of turns to be had at lift serviced resorts, potentially into May. Then there will definitely be snow up high even later than that if you're willing to work for it. I'll definitely be getting after it while it's still here and you should too!

Thanks for reading again this season. This was my third season as part of the OpenSnow crew and it was definitely a memorable one. It was also the most challenging one for me as far as trying to juggle everything that I have going on in my life while still providing timely updates here. Regardless, I hope that my posts have been valuable to you and have helped you get the best snow possible. As always, your constructive criticism and/or feedback is welcome and can be sent to or left in the comments below.