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Right Back to Winter

Ready for the first widespread significant snowfall for NH and ME? Of course you are. You're in luck too because here it comes. The major forecasting models have come into agreement with each other for the most part and they all point to NH and ME seeing the biggest accumulations of any of the major resorts in New England from this storm. Here is a look at the position of the storm according to the NAM and the GFS models respectively at 1 a.m. Thursday morning, the height of the storm:

NAM Model 11-25-14

GFS Model 11-25-14

You'll notice that the GFS has the storm moving along a little more quickly, but what you can't see is that the storm track for both models is generally the same as is the start time of precipitation. The difference in how quickly the storm is forecasted to move is reflected in the subtly lower snowfall totals that the GFS is projecting for our region:

NAM Snowfall 11-25-14

GFS Snowfall 11-25-14

The difference really is subtle, but it is there. Generally, snowfall amounts throughout the region will be in the 6-12 inch range. Higher amounts will be seen in southern New Hampshire near the Mass border, as well as in the White Mountains and Western Maine. Something to consider that I think will hold down snowfall totals just a bit...the ground had a chance to thaw out quite a bit over the last few days. Sure, the cold temps last week did get the ground fairly frozen, but temperatures were well into the 50's for a solid 18 to 24 hours.

So where should you go for this storm? Well, taking into consideration amount of terrain with a snowmaking base, as well as the amount of fresh snow that will fall, I would head to Western Maine if I had my pick. Sure, things will be good in the Whites too (Wildcat, Bretton Woods, Loon, etc.), but the problem there is that there isn't nearly as much terrain with a snowmaking base already put down. 

I will try to post a quick update on things tomorrow. In the mean time, start making (or perhaps altering!) your plans for Thanksgiving Day!