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The New England Daily Snow

Snow & Powder Forecasts for New England
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A Lot to Look Forward to

Good Morning everyone! Happy Monday!

My name is Rob Megnia, I’m a graduate student in the MS Applied Meteorology program at Plymouth State, and I’m excited to be assisting Jay Cordeira in forecasting the New England Daily Snow over the next few months! Although I’m bummed out football season is over, there’s a lot of potential snow to look forward to for the skiers and snowboarders here in New England. There is no new snow to report from this past weekend, but seasonally cold temperatures had many resorts across New England making plenty of new snow. A coastal storm discussed last week is going to produce more snow than initially expected in New England,and has already begun dropping snow in southeastern Massachusetts!


Radar animation courtesy Intellicast.

Wachusett, Nashoba Valley, and Blue Hills in Massachusetts are expected to be the winners yet again this week with a forecasted 10+ inches of snow by Thursday night. Fortunately, the rest of New England can still expect anywhere from 3-5 inches by tomorrow morning. Blizzard conditions in eastern Massachusetts won’t make for the most pleasant skiing conditions today, but tomorrow should be nothing short of awesome! With a few inches of light to moderate snow at the VT/ME/NH and western MA resorts over the course of today, these areas will be the best locations to start your ski week.


Short Range Forecast

After today’s winter storm passes, we have two other systems to keep an eye on over the course of this week. Another coastal storm will make its way up the East Coast Tuesday night, while another low pressure system moves in from the Great Lakes. The storm making its way up the East Coast is expected to drift out to sea, but not before causing some light snow showers in eastern MA. The system making its way over from the Great Lakes is expected to produce isolated snow showers across all of New England.  Accumulations aren’t expected to be as significant as the ones we will see with today’s storm, but these scattered snow showers across the region will add 1-3” inches of snow pack to much of the Northeast. Here is what we can expect by Thursday!

Long Range Forecast

After hopefully adding several inches of snow by this weekend, everyone is going to want to make a trip to the mountains. If you do, bundle up, because it’s going to get cold, very cold! After spending most of the week with highs in the upper 20’s, temperatures are going to plummet by Friday with highs in the low 20’s and lows in the single digits.

Image Courtesy of

Perturbations in the polar vortex will result in an upper level trough positioning itself over New England by this weekend which will bring near 0F temperatures to the bases of many of New England’s Ski resorts, while temperatures at the summit could range from -5 to -10 F. Sunday River and Sugarloaf in Maine are expected to start both Saturday and Sunday off with temperatures below 0 at the base! The models aren’t indicating any major storms to take note of over the next week, but on and off snow showers in the region should add some significant snow pack to look forward to. Here is a map of what your local ski resorts can expect over the next 7 days.

That’s all I have for today. We’ll give you an update tomorrow morning on the accumulation amounts were expecting to see today. Enjoy the fresh snow this week and stay warm!

Rob Megnia - Graduate Student, Plymouth State University/New England Daily Snow

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