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Sunday May 18th 2014 2:47pm

An area of low pressure spinning off the Pacific NW coast will head South through CA over the next few days.  The winds have already been gusty this weekend and the temperatures have cooled slightly. 

Clouds and colder temperatures will push in with the low Monday.  The best chance for showers looks to Monday night through Tuesday night.  Snow levels on Tuesday will drop as low as 7000 ft., but will hover between 7000-8000+ ft. during the event.  We could see several inches of snow above 8000 ft. by Wednesday morning.  We may even see some flakes below 7000 ft. Tuesday during heavier showers.  

The low kicks East Wednesday with warming temps Thursday into next weekend.


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Monday May 5th 2014 8:56am

Clouds and wind will be on the increase today.  A cold trough is digging down the West Coast and it could bring in precip by this evening.  Snow levels will drop below lake level overnight and we could see a coating to an inch on cold surfaces.  

The snow showers will linger through the day on Tuesday as the low swings through.  We could see 1-3 inches in total on the mountains on the East side of the lake and 3-6 inches on the West side by Tuesday evening.  Highest amounts above 8000 ft. along the crest.

We begin to warm up on Wednesday but another system moves through to our North Thursday night into Friday.  The computer models have been trending further South with this system so we could see some light rain and snow showers.  

Next weekend into the following week it looks like we will warm back up with quiet weather for a while.


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Saturday May 3rd 2014 10:24am

After temperatures in the 70's the past couple of days we have breezy conditions and cooling temps this weekend as the high pressure breaks down.  A cold trough will drop down the West Coast Monday and Tuesday dropping temps into the 40's by Tuesday.  We could see some rain and snow showers Tuesday as the trough moves through.  

The forecast models are still showing enough liquid that the mountains could see a few inches of snow with this system.  We could see up to 6 inches along the crest above 8000 ft.

The trough moves East and we begin to warm the second half of the week but only into the 60's not the 70's.  More active weather may return around the middle of the month.  The climate models have been showing precip for May and we will take as much rain or snow as we can get to help with the drought.

The month of April the Tahoe Basin picked up 66% of average precip bringing us to 66% of average for the water year.  The temperatures at the Truckee airport averaged 1.4 degrees above average for the month.

Another update Monday on the details of snowfall potential for the mountains...BA

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Thursday May 1st 2014 6:49pm

This was written Wed Morning but didn't post....another update Friday night or Saturday morning.

I am still watching the weather even though the ski resorts will all be closed by Sunday.  This morning the forecast models all came into much better agreement on the pattern for next week.  It looks like it will feature a cold trough dropping down the West Coast the first half of the week and settling in over the West.

Much colder air will move in by Monday with snow showers possible Monday throughTuesday.  The European model keeps the trough far enough West all week to bring more waves of precip in, while other models just keep the cooler air in place.  The snow levels will be near lake level to start the week.  We could see several inches of snow on the mountains.

Another update later this week...BA

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Saturday April 26th 2014 8:08am

There was never a let up in the snowfall mid-day yesterday.  The snow continued to fall into the evening.  Kirkwood is reporting another 25 inches in the past 24 hours for a storm total of 28 inches, and a 5 day total of 34 inches.  Alpine is reporting another 18 inches in the past 24 hours for a storm total of 26 inches, and a 5 day total of 33 inches.  Squaw is also reporting another 18 inches in the past 24 hours for a storm total of 25 inches, and a 5 day total of 32 inches.  

We were expecting Southwest of the lake to get hit hardest, but 25 inches in 24 hours was about 10 inches more than expected.  Along the crest 2+ feet was about 10 inches more than expected as well.  I split up the snowfall this Winter for Squaw into months.  You can see that after dismal amounts of snow through January the season got going in February.  September - 4, October - 19, November - 10, December - 23, January - 13, February - 99, March - 76, April - 54.  Squaw ended up with 66% of average snowfall up top at 298 inches, and Kirkwood had a decent finish with 77% of average and 409 inches.

The tables at Sugar Bowl are looking beautiful this morning.  Too bad they are closed.

Sugar Bowl

Just down the street at the office we picked up 12 more inches bringing the storm total to 22 inches, and total for the week to 26 inches.  Now I need it to melt so I can do some landscaping. 

I was helping a friend in South Lake move yesterday and it snowed most of the day but wasn't sticking.  Then around 5 p.m. when we were unloading the last load the temperatures dropped and a quick couple of inches accumulated.  It looked like around 4-5 inches fell around Meyers and then around 2 inches for South Lake.  Driving up the East shore around 9 p.m. it was snowing and an inch or two of snow on the grough all the way up to Incline.  King's Beach only had a dusting but once over Brockway into Truckee another couple of inches was on the ground all the way into Glenshire.  I am assuming the West shore up through West Truckee did even better.

We should see sun today with cold temperatures and some clouds around.  It is going to be one of the best powder days of the season ironically.  Just watch for rocks under the snow if you are going off trail.  We could see some light snow showers on the mountains tomorrow as a weak system moves through to our North.  

Next week we warm up with highs near 70 at lake level by Friday.  We may see some active weather the 2nd week of May, maybe some rain to help with the dry conditions.

Well I can't waste anymore time sitting here.  I am off to Alpine to get some of the goods.  I will post some final season stats in May and will post if any snow shows up in the forecast.  Until then thanks for reading this season! (you stopped by the page over 2 million times)  It was not a very good snow season and definitely not a good start, but a nice finish!  Pray next year is much better!

Signing off for now.....BA





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