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LEARN: Ski and Ride University

Copper Mountain recently introduced a brand new program for adult skiers or snowboarders who are completely new to the sport. Ski and Ride School University. 

Ski and Ride University offers beginners a hassle-free way to give skiing or snowboarding a try, and provides plenty of incentive to stay with the sport. The program includes:

-Three ski or snowboard lessons with lift tickets and equipment rentals

-Three days of parking in Union Creek Lot

-Lunch on your 2nd & 3rd day of lessons

-Free Copper Mountain Season Pass upon graduation from the program

Additionally after graduation, guests will also receive 50 percent off their 2015/2016 Copper Mountain Season Pass. I must say, that's pretty awesome! The program comes at a steal of a price for only $199. Guests must be 16 years or older and completely new to the sports of skiing or snowboarding to participate and the third lesson must be completed on or before April 5, 2015 to be eligible for the complimentary 2014/2015 Copper Mountain Season Pass and discounted 2015/2016 season pass. 

More information:

Sam Collentine | OpenSnow

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VIDEO: Patrol dog's day at the office

Rio is more than your typical 3-year-old Golden Retriever. 


She is also a certified avalanche search and rescue dog, a member of the Colorado Rapid Avalanche Deployment Team, and an employee of Arapahoe Basin since 2012.

Her patrol handler, assistant patrol director Matt Norfleet, and her owners, Rob and Debbie Ware, have spent hours working with Rio to hone her obedience and elevate her skills as a rescue dog. Rio has become an example to others in the Avalanche Dog Training Program at the Basin, and is one of the best helpers when educating Arapahoe Basin guests about snow safety and enjoying their day on the mountain.

Last spring, during a very snowy May, Arapahoe Basin recorded a “day in the office” video for their patrol dog, Rio. It's awesome. Watch below!

Sam Collentine | OpenSnow 

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VIDEO: Faces of Dav - The Adventurer

Red Bull Media House dropped the first episode of their latest series yesterday, The Faces of Dav. The series tells the story of two-time extreme world skiing champion Chris Davenport.

From becoming the first person to ski all 54 of Colorado's peaks over 14,000 feet in one year to joining the ownership team at Kastle Ski, it's easy to see that Davenport has found the formula for success in the rapidly evolving world of skiing. 

In 2007 Davenport traveled to Bella Coola, British Columbia with Doug Coombs to film a segment for the movie Steep. Shortly after Coombs passed away in a tragic ski accident. Seven years later, Davenport returns to the same zone in Bella Coola for six days of winter camping at ‘Mad Dog Col’ with big mountain skier Griffin Post and photographer Adam Clark, with the hopes of skiing the same lines. Their plans are quickly compromised, when a massive storm with high winds and low visibility leaves them tent bound for four straight days.

We'll keep you up-to-date on the latest episodes all season.

Sam Collentine | OpenSnow

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GEAR: Time for a tune-up! Here's something to help.

This article is brought to you by They like our snow forecasts, and we like their knowledge of gear. So we work together to bring you details on the best stuff you can buy, and they help you earn cash back on purchases. Win-win-win-win, or something like that!

OpenSnow’s predicting over 10 inches between now and Friday in Colorado’s high country with another 5-7 inches waiting to drop on Sunday.  We’re the first to admit that we’re like racehorses chomping at the bit.

Charles Dickens, avid and impatient skier he was, might illuminate both wise and foolish ways to embrace such “great expectations.” Keep your job, don’t move to Colorado and fight the impulse to sleep in B.C. gear (incantations to Ullr, the Norse God of Snow, are acceptable).

Winter fast approaches. Now’s the time to reward your patience and prepare. Awaken your sleeping planks. Brush cobwebs and previous DIN settings aside.  Sharpen and wax for the looming storm.

If your base is cratered with more coreshots than the moon and your edges are dinged up like a junkyard Ford, head to your local shop for a full-on tune-up. Otherwise, the Demon Snow Complete Snow Kit is an affordable, Active Junky- approved option for basic DIY jobs.

Melt and drip P-Tex to stitch up gashes, sharpen edges with the file and file guide, buffer down burrs with the stone. Also included in the Demon Snow Kit: a mini iron and wax kit, perfect for on-the-go waxing sessions. At only $69.95 (not including the cash back discount you get from, here’s a smart investment in powder futures.

Earn cash back on the Demon Snow Complete Tune Kit

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FORECAST: Active weather returns to the west

snow forecast
Forecast from the Canadian weather model. Source:

Two storms will bring snow to the Rocky Mountains between Thursday and Sunday, with Colorado likely seeing the most total snowfall.

The first storm is actually the remnants of Hurricane Simon. As it pushes LOTS of moisture over Colorado on Thursday and Friday, the southern and eastern mountains may see upwards of 10 inches of snow at the highest elevations (over 12,000ft).

Once this first storm moves away, the second storm will work its way south from Canada and bring snow to Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming on Saturday and Saturday night, then this snow will hit Utah and Colorado on Sunday. Storm snowfall totals will be around 6 inches, though there will be a lot of variation by elevation (say that 10 times fast!).

Looking ahead to next week, a large "parent" storm will anchor itself in the Gulf of Alaska and will throw smaller "mini-me" storms into Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Each of these "mini-me" storms will bring wind, rain, and heavy snow at higher elevations. 

snow forecast
The American GFS model shows the large parent storm (blue/purple colors) in the Gulf of Alaska early next week. Source:

Beyond next week's storm, I don't see a consistent forecast for the last 10 days of October. Some models break the big Gulf of Alaska storm into pieces and push them through the western US, while other models keep the parent storm anchored out over the Pacific Ocean. We'll see, and as always, we'll hope for the best!


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