El Nino Part 2: How much snow fell during previous El Nino winters?

1 week ago
In part one of this series I gave a quick and basic overview of what El Nino is and why it impacts snowfall during the winter. Now I want to look back at historical El Nino events.

El Nino Part 1: What is El Nino and as skiers, why do we care?

1 week ago
We’ll start this three-part series by covering the basics of El Nino and why an ocean can impact snowfall patterns.   What is El Nino? It is the name given to a period of time when ocean water temperatures in the central Pacific Ocean become warmer than normal.   Where are these ocean temperatures measured? West of South America and east of Australia.

Pictures of snow from the southern hemisphere

1 week ago
Early in August 2015, the skies unleashed many feet of snow on parts of the Southern Hemisphere.

JUST IN: Taos & Stowe Join The Mountain Collective

2 weeks ago
Press Release - The Mountain Collective™ has widened their geographic reach with the addition of two iconic destinations to its roster.  Stowe joins the Mountain Collective as their first resort on the East Coast, while Taos extends passholder access into New Mexico.

TRAILER: Paradise Waits

1 month ago
From the award-winning filmmaking crew that brought you 2014’s Almost Ablaze comes the story of one weird Winter and the people who celebrate it.

SERIES: Growing Season - Snow Machines & Shred Disease

3 months ago
Soulryders Productions takes you to Colorado for their next installment of "Growing Season".

SCHNEETAG: Closing Weekend at Aspen Highlands

4 months ago

SERIES: Growing Season - Jackson Edit

4 months ago
                  Our friends at SoulRyders are at it again with the latest edit for their Growing Season series! Stephen Koch leads a crew of skiers and free-heeler in this Jackson Hole edit.

VIDEO: Nine Knights 2015 Highlights

4 months ago

POV: Alta, UT - 4/15/2015

4 months ago
Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah received 3+ FEET over the last 48 hours.