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The Tahoe Daily Snow

By Snow Forecaster Bryan Allegretto
Friday April 18th at 9:20pm MDT
Summary: A nice weekend with sun and high's in the 60's.  A cold system pushes in for Tuesday with much colder air and light snow.  A significant snow storm is possible next weekend. Details: We saw some light rain showers this afternoon and evening along the crest.  The rest of the weekend should be beautiful with high in the 60's. A big change is in store by Tuesday as a cold trough drops into CA.  We will see high temps...
Snow reports provided by SnoCountry.
Location New Snow Reported At Base Depth Conditions Lifts Open Trails Open Acres Open Current Temp
Alpine Meadows 0" Apr 19
66" Spring Conditions 3/13 47/100 47% 49°
Alta Sierra Closed
Badger Pass Closed
Bear Mountain Closed
Bear Valley 0" Apr 19
49" Spring Conditions 7/9 52/82 0% 49°
Boreal Not Available
China Peak Closed
Dodge Ridge Closed
Donner Ski Ranch Closed
Heavenly 0" Apr 19
46" Spring Conditions 9/29 40/97 0% 40°
Homewood Closed
June Mountain Not Available
Kirkwood 0" Apr 19
61" Spring Conditions 9/15 73/86 0% 48°
Mammoth Mountain 0" Apr 19
55" Machine Groomed 25/28 143/150 100% 37°
Mount Baldy Closed
Mountain High Closed
Mt Shasta Ski Park Closed
Northstar 0" Apr 19
50" Spring Conditions 7/20 23/97 24% 54°
Sierra at Tahoe 0" Apr 19
66" Machine Groomed 4/14 27/46 59% NA
Snow Summit Closed
Snow Valley Closed
Soda Springs Closed
Squaw Valley 0" Apr 19
58" Spring Conditions 12/30 45/170 27% 52°
Sugar Bowl 0" Apr 19
58" Machine Groomed 6/13 71/103 0% 48°
Tahoe Donner Closed
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