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The Colorado Daily Snow

By Meteorologist Joel Gratz
Saturday August 23rd at 10:02am
Summary: Showers will cover the mountains for most of Saturday, with the heaviest showers falling along and north of I-70. Temperatures will be cool enough for snow to fall over 13,000ft during the day, perhaps down to 12,000ft on Saturday night. Details: Here are four pictures showing Saturday's storm moving through. First, the satellite showing the storm spinning over Idaho, pushing energy down to Colorado. The mountains are socked in with...
Snow reports provided by SnoCountry.
Location New Snow Reported At Base Depth Conditions Lifts Open Trails Open Acres Open Current Temp
Arapahoe Basin Closed
Aspen Highlands Not Available
Aspen Mountain Closed
Beaver Creek Closed
Berthoud Pass Not Available
Breckenridge Not Available
Buttermilk Closed
Cameron Pass Not Available
Copper Mountain Not Available
Crested Butte Not Available
Eldora Closed
Irwin Closed
Keystone Closed
Loveland Ski Area Closed
Monarch Closed
Powderhorn Closed
Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort Closed
Rocky Mountain National Park Not Available
Silverton Not Available
Ski Cooper Closed
Ski Granby Ranch Closed
Snowmass Not Available
Steamboat Not Available
Sunlight Closed
Telluride Closed
Vail Closed
Winter Park Closed
Wolf Creek Closed
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