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Get the latest 10-day weather forecast for any location on Earth, read expert analysis from local forecasters, track storms with high-resolution 3D weather maps, compare forecasts and conditions for your favorite locations, and much more.

"Weather forecasting for the mountains takes extra focus, analysis, and precision, which is exactly what OpenSnow provides." - Cody Townsend, Pro Skier

Compare Essential Weather Tools

Finding the location that has the best conditions can feel overwhelming. With OpenSnow, deciding where to go is easy. Compare the latest 10-day weather forecast, snow report & trail conditions, and mountain cams for your favorite locations in just a few seconds.

Read Daily Analysis From Local Forecasters, Worldwide

Now you have a personal weather forecaster guiding you to the best conditions. Our local experts write a new "Daily Snow" forecast each day for regions around the US, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, and across the Southern Hemisphere. Instead of spending hours sifting through weather and snow data, you can now get the inside scoop in just a few minutes.

Track Storms With High-Resolution 3D Maps

We make it easy to track incoming storms with current radar, along with how much snow fell over the past 24 hours, season snowfall, and snow depth. You can also view forecast animations for radar, air quality, and wildfire smoke, as well as the latest avalanche forecast, active fire perimeter map, land ownership, and more.

Save Custom Forecasts Anywhere on Earth

Our weather forecasts are available for any location on Earth, instantly. This means that you can view our weather forecasts for your favorite ski resort, backcountry ski location, camping destination, London, Denali, and even your home neighborhood. Save up to 15 custom locations to view on your Favorites screen for quick and convenient access to the latest 10-day weather forecast, estimated snow report, and more.

Create Custom Snow Alerts

Stay up-to-date and never miss another powder day with custom snow report and forecast alerts for your favorite ski resorts.

View Your Current Location Forecast

If you're tired of having multiple weather apps on your phone, view the latest weather forecast for your current location or any other location, worldwide. You can then save this custom location for quick and convenient access to the latest forecast, year-round.

Add iOS Widgets

See current conditions for your favorite locations, check the latest 10-day forecast, and keep an eye on the most recent webcam updates, right on your iPhone and Mac home screen. Our "Current Conditions", "Snow Summary", and "Mountain Cams" widgets are available exclusively to All-Access subscribers with the OpenSnow iOS app installed.

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