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Final Post of the 2023-2024 Season


That's a wrap on the 2023-24 winter season! Stay tuned to the OpenSnow app and to catch the best weather window for your next adventure, no matter the season. Thank you so much for your continued support of OpenSnow and we'll see you back here in November 2024.


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2023-2024 Snow Recap

The four mountains of Aspen Snowmass will end the 2023-24 winter season from October 1, 2023, through April 21, 2024, with 320-165 inches:

  • Aspen Highlands: 320"
  • Snowmass: 317"
  • Aspen Mountain: 262"
  • Buttermilk: 165"

According to our monthly snowfall chart, we recorded 19 powder days with 6 inches or more from December through April, with five of those days coming during the week of March 24.

As of April 22, 2024, the snowpack sits at 90-95% compared to the 30-year normal (via nearby SNOTEL sites). October was above-normal thanks to two strong storms, followed by a below-normal snowpack in November, December, and into early January.

The comeback then began during the second half of the season with stronger storms and above-normal months in February and March.

From a historical perspective, here's how the snowpack this winter stacked up by month compared to the 30-year median:

  • November: -46%
  • December: -35%
  • January: +3%
  • February: +20%
  • March: +74%

The following Base Depth vs. Average graph is updated daily on OpenSnow and available to All-Access subscribers for every ski resort.

  1. Go to any location screen.
  2. Tap the "Snow Report" tab.
  3. Scroll down to the "Snowpack" section.

Here's what I wrote in the winter forecast preview that I published in August:

"Overall, history tells us that Aspen Snowmass tends to be right around normal for snowfall during El Niño events, with the potential for a stronger start and end to the season."

This winter forecast preview tended to be right on the mark with a snowpack hovering right around the 30-year normal by the time we reached the peak snowpack during the first week of April.

2024-2025 La Niña Outlook

El Nino is rapidly weakening and confidence is increasing that we will head into La Nina for next season.

View ENSO Outlook, Potential 2024-2025 Impacts

According to NOAA's Climate Prediction Center, there is a 60% chance of La Nina conditions developing by mid-summer 2024 and an 80-90% chance of La Nina conditions developing by late fall/early winter:

This means that ocean temperatures in the Central and Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean will become colder than average, which will lead to a change in thunderstorm patterns over the tropics, which then changes storm tracks around the world.

When looking back at the previous La Niña winters for the town of Aspen, history does tell us that these lead to above-normal snowfall, with six of the eight previous La Niña winters coming in above-normal. The prime example is the 2022-23 winter season when the town of Aspen recorded 218 inches compared to a 30-year median of 166 inches.

I'll provide a more in-depth winter preview this fall once we get a better handle on the La Nina outlook.

Summer Weather: How To Use OpenSnow

There will be additional chances for high-elevation snow through the end of April and into early May but this is where I'll recommend our automated weather forecasts (learn more here) and high-resolution maps (learn more here).

Get started by going to...

  1. Favorites > Weather
  2. Location > Weather
  3. Maps > Weather

Switch to using your "Summer" favorites list, check the "Weather" tab on both the Favorites screen and any location screen, and avoid poor air quality & incoming storms with our summer-focused map layers in the OpenSnow app.

You can also view the hourly forecast for the next 10 days for any location on Earth in OpenSnow:

  1. Go to the "Maps" tab.
  2. Tap anywhere or search for a city.
  3. Tap "View Forecast".

View → Summer Forecasts

These resources will help you dial in your high-alpine ski tours, lower-valley bike rides, and any other outdoor activity during the non-winter months. OpenSnow is my default weather app to quickly check current conditions and the 10-day forecast when I'm at home or on the road and I think it can be the same for you.

View → Feature Guides

Tap the links below to view automated snow forecasts for the ski resorts:

Along with automated weather forecasts for each town throughout the valley:

I hope that you have a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you back here when the Aspen Snowmass Daily Snow resumes on November 1, 2024.

Thank you so much again for your continued support of OpenSnow!

Sam Collentine
[email protected]