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We have continued the typical dry weather as we head into the month of August. Highs in the 80s at lake level and 70s/60s the higher up in elevation you go. 


Not much in the way of active weather expected over the next week. We have a weak summer trough that will move through CA for the 2nd half of the week. Only expecting temperatures to cool a few degrees. We could see enough moisture for a few isolated afternoon thunderstorms to return after a week of drier weather this past week.

The winds don't look that strong throughout the week other than the typical afternoon westerly Zephyr winds. The dry weather with afternoon winds has aided in continuing to dry things out and to bring increased fire danger as we go later into the summer. The fire activity has started to pick up a little over the last couple of weeks.


Most of the fires so far have been to the north and down south in southern CA. We haven't seen much smoke yet this summer in the Tahoe basin. Just some smoke wandering in from fires just to the north and in NV at night during variable winds. Then the smoke blows out in the afternoons with the west winds.

Here is a look at today's smoke forecast from OpenSummit.com showing a similar smoke pattern for today.


Hopefully, we don't see the fires continue to increase in numbers as we go later into the summer. But that tends to be the case. Hoping for a smoke-free fire and weather pattern to continue.

La Nina:

Of note this week is that the water along the equator has continued to cool, and farther to the west now as well. If this trend continues it could lead to a bit more of a robust La Nina signal as we head into the Winter Season.

la nina

In the last post, I got into some details of how the forecast could trend if we only saw a weak La Nina. Some of the latest forecast models have been trending towards more of a moderate La Nina for the upcoming season. We will continue to watch and start to look at the upcoming winter more as we flip the page to Winter mode in August here at OpenSnow.

Summer Hiking:

We continue to hike the local trails as we stay close to home this summer. I have been posting some pics of our hikes back in January during the dry spell we saw, as we continue our quest as a family to hike every National Park in the U.S.

Here are a few pics from Joshua Tree National Park which was our 46th park we hiked over the last 2 years.

JT 1

JT 2

JT 3

JT 4

I'll share park #47 with you next post, and then this summer we looped back thru some local northern CA parks. I hope you are all getting out into the remote spaces to enjoy some hiking this summer. 

It won't be long before the snow is flying again. We tend to see at least some high elevation snow start flying in September, including a nice little storm that brought some lower elevation snow last September. I hope all of the low-landers moving to Tahoe full-time have their shoveling arms ready if we see a big season!

Stay tuned...BA

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