Mount Washington Alpine Resort

British Columbia Canada

Forecast Point 4,672 ft • 49.748, -125.2959

    Avalanche Forecast

    Avalanche Forecasts are for use by experienced backcountry travelers in uncontrolled sidecountry and backcountry terrain. These forecasts and conditions do not apply to open, in-bounds terrain at ski resorts, which is subject to avalanche control by local resort ski patrol.

    Avalanche Rating

    Low (1)

    Valid Tue Nov 28 4:00pm PST 17 hours ago Until Wed Nov 29 4:00pm PST

    Tread carefully.

    backcountry travel is challenging with such minimal snow and hazards so close to the surface.

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    More Detail

    To get the complete forecast with additional graphics and details, please view the Avalanche Canada Zone forecast provided by Avalanche Canada .

    Snowpack Discussion

    As the freezing level falls a new crust will likely form on all aspects and elevations.

    Snowpack height at treeline currently ranges from less than 20 cm at Mt Arrowsmith to around 50 cm in Strathcona Park to 30 cm at Mt Cain. snowpack depths are deeper only in areas where the wind has drifted it in.

    Check outthis MINfrom Mt. Aerosmith.

    Avalanche Activity

    So far this season no avalanches have been reported on the Island. This should stay the same until we see another substantial snowfall.

    Alpine climbers looking to extend their season might be the most likely candidates to encounter the limited avalanche hazard that currently exists.

    Please consider filling out a MINreport if you are out in the backcountry.