Dead Man's Flats, AB

Alberta Canada

Forecast Point 4,291 ft • 51.0397, -115.2609

    Avalanche Forecast

    Avalanche Forecasts are for use by experienced backcountry travelers in uncontrolled sidecountry and backcountry terrain. These forecasts and conditions do not apply to open, in-bounds terrain at ski resorts, which is subject to avalanche control by local resort ski patrol.

    Avalanche Rating

    Considerable (3)

    Valid Sat Feb 24 3:30pm MST 41 minutes ago Until Sun Feb 25 5:00pm MST

    A welcomed change in the weather. Snow is forecasted and is falling all around us currently. The potential for 35cm by Monday. This storm is coming with Extreme winds, so allow time for the snowpack to adjust before venturing in to any kind of bigger terrain.

    More Detail

    To get the complete forecast with additional graphics and details, please view the Kananaskis Country Zone forecast provided by Kananaskis Country .

    Snowpack Discussion

    Crusts, crusts and more crusts...

    Steep SW and W aspects have a thin crust from all of the recent warmth. It is easily breakable and tricky to deal with, but luckily it is not that widespread and predictable to find. There are also pockets of fresh windslab that are forming near ridges and open areas at treeline and above. These are resting on old facets and could build to the point of failing. The Feb crust is down about 20cm and widespread below 2500m. This will be a layer to watch during this next storm. There are facets on top of it that will not tolerate much load. Beneath the Feb crust the snowpack is a mish mash of old crusts and facets. Definitely worth digging or probing to see what its like in your terrain of choice.

    Avalanche Activity

    No new avalanches observed or reported.