Avalanche Forecast

Avalanche Forecasts are for use by experienced backcountry travelers in uncontrolled sidecountry and backcountry terrain. These forecasts and conditions do not apply to open, in-bounds terrain at ski resorts, which is subject to avalanche control by local resort ski patrol.

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Valid Tue Jul 9 5:00pm MDT 4 days ago Until Wed Jul 31 5:00pm MDT

Summer has arrived and the days are hot. Trails up to treeline are mostly melted dry, but check the trail report for current conditions. Snowy, spring-like conditions remain in the alpine, which is good for glacier coverage but challenging for avalanches. Pay attention to the overnight freeze and get down from the mountains early.

More Detail

To get the complete forecast with additional graphics and details, please view the Parks BYK Zone forecast provided by Parks BYK.

Snowpack Discussion

Summer has finally arrived in early July and most hiking trails to the treeline and the low alpine are melted dry, except north-facing slopes. The cold and wet spring has put us several weeks behind normal and as of July 9, alpine lakes are still frozen and a snowpack exists in the alpine. This will change rapidly in the coming weeks as the high alpine completes its transition to summer. Avalanche hazard will depend on whether the snow freezes overnight, and how hot the day gets.

Avalanche Activity

Avalanche hazard will remain in the alpine (>3000m) for July. Daily avalanche activity can range from minimal on cold, frozen days, to wet loose avalanches as it warms, to full-depth wet slabs when freezing levels are very high and/or it rains.

A new Facebook group has been started by ACMG members with excellent reporting on summer alpine conditions.