Recent Snow

    Resort-reported or model-estimated snowfall data, updated once per day.

    24-Hour Snow
    Last 5 days
    Base Depth
    Estimated at Thu Apr 18 6:00am EDT

    Snowfall History

    Last 5 days

    S Sun 14
    M Mon 15
    T Tue 16
    W Wed 17
    T Thu 18

    Season Snowfall

    From Mar 10 2024 to Apr 18 2024
    Estimated at Thu Apr 18 6:00am EDT

    Snowfall data is incomplete for this snow season. We began saving snowfall data on Mar 10 2024, when New Bern, NC was originally added to OpenSnow.

    This Season Snowfall number should not be quoted by resorts or the media or used for official climate statistics. This number is calculated from resort reported snowfall (where available) and OpenSnow estimated snowfall, and may be adjusted to match official data. While we believe that this number reasonably approximates the seasonal snowfall, in most cases OpenSnow does not verify this data.

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