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Friday January 18th 2013 7:35am

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Daily Snow One Sentence Summary: Generally light accumulations from yesterday’s storm were limited to southern VA and NC with Wintergreen picking up over six inches of fresh powder; cooler today then warming back up tomorrow before a drastic cool down come Saturday night.

Overall, I’ll stick with my forecast from yesterday – below average temperatures today followed by a warmup tomorrow before a blast of cold air thanks to an arctic front making its way Southeast. Expect a cold MLK and Inauguration day with most resorts making snow at full capacity throughout the day to rebuild lost base. Generally dry next week thanks to the arctic high pressure sitting over the area, one exception is the possibility of scattered snow showers on Monday throughout the region with very light accumulations possible at the higher elevations. Temperatures will average 5-15 degrees below average through Thursday with highs in the immediate Baltimore and DC metro areas struggling to break the freezing mark and resorts topping out in the teens to low 20’s.

Snow possible next weekend? Too far out at this point to make any guesstimates but pattern looks more active starting around the 25th-27th. Stay tuned!

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