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Monday January 21st 2013 8:35pm

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Daily Snow One Sentence Summary: Cold and getting colder, highs around 20 for DC and in the teens or single digits for the mountains over the next few days – snow possible Thursday-Friday!

Tuesday-Thursday: COLD, highs ranging from the 20’s around DC to the mid single digits over the highlands of WV, PA, and MD with lows below zero at the highest elevations. Benefit of this midweek cold is resorts will be able to make snow at high capacity 24 hours per day.

Thursday-Friday: A storm system will move from the Tennessee valley through the area and, depending on the track will either bring a decent shot of snow for the region or a mixed bag of precip. At the moment, models are undecided on the exact track of the storm but given the cold air in place, it is unlikely that the precipitation will start as anything but snow. Major question is if the storm slips to the south of the DC area through central VA – a snowy solution – or passes directly through the area or to the north- favoring a wintery mix of Snow changing to sleet/freezing rain then rain. Regardless of the outcome, expect more mixing for resorts further south (VA/southern WV).

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