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Monday February 11th 2013 8:29am

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Daily Snow One Sentence Summary: Rainy Monday after a perfect weekend – some snow possible Wednesday and Saturday.

Today-Tomorrow: Cool and wet conditions today will persist until this evening when a weak cold front pushes through and brings in sunny skies for your Tuesday with temperatures running 5 degrees or so above average.

Wednesday – Friday: A weak coastal storm will do its best to develop mid-late in the day on Wednesday, bringing a mix of rain/snow to the major cities (rain will likely dominate) but a decent batch of snow for the highlands! At the point, my best guess is that Snowshoe and areas around Canaan will be the winners with somewhere between 4-8 inches of snow. Wintergreen and some of the western VA areas may also do well with 3-6 possible. Unfortunately, there won’t be much cool are for the storm to tap into - so temperatures will be marginal (just under freezing), even at the higher elevations, during the entirety of the storm.  System will clear out overnight on Wednesday/Early Thursday, leaving some scattered snow showers over WV and ushering in a short period of sunshine and 40’s before our next storm approaches late in the day on Friday.

Weekend: Saturday is still up in the air with a coastal storm possible. Again, there isn’t a good pool of cold for the system to tap into so I expect we will be again dealing with the Rain/Snow line landing somewhere around or west of I-95. Potential is there for another decent batch of snow for the highlands of VA, WV, MD, and PA – stay tuned to OpenSnow!

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