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Sunday November 25th 2012 5:08pm

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11/26 - 4 PM Update: Our little storm looks a bit juicer than I expected last night for the higher elevations. Generally, ski areas will see 2-4 inches with up to 4-6 around Canaan Valley, Wisp, and 7 Springs and closer to 1-2 at Whitetail, Liberty, and Roundtop.

Unfortunately, only Snowshoe has lifts spinning for downhill skiers to take advantage of the early season snowfall but the storm should provide enough for  Whitegrass to reopen some of the snowfarm trails for telemark and cross-country skiing.


The Mid-Atlantic Skison has officially begun! Snowshoe lifts began to crank on Wednesday morning, offering multiple top to bottom runs over a manmade base. Other areas, including Seven Springs and Wisp, have kicked off snowmaking operations and are shooting to open as soon as we get cold period to allow 2-4 days of consistent snowmaking.

Next few days:Chilly through mid week with scattered rain and snow showers on Tuesday.

Long Range Outlook: Unfortunately, Thursday will begin a warming trend and usher in a period of above average temperatures with few opportunities for snowmaking. I would hold off booking any December skiing locally until we have a better idea of where temperatures will go for the first half of December.

I’ll be updating the Mid-Atlantic daily snow every 2-4 days until things kick into full gear! Pray for SNOW!

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