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Tuesday December 25th 2012 7:16am

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It's the start of day #3 for me in British Columbia, so apologies for the shorter discussions this week...the internet is a bit slow. Here's a recap of the best day of skiing of my life (scroll down to the bottom).

Merry Christmas! Get out there and ski/ride ... about 5-10 inches fell for most mountains of Colorado between Monday morning and late Monday night and this was in line with the forecast. Go take advantage! The big winner was Powderhorn with 14 inches of the fluffy stuff. Steamboat also did well with 11 inches.

A few flurries or light snow showers will continue on Tuesday morning but this will end by late morning if not earlier. Expect sunny skies later today and clear skies through the first part of Tuesday night.

The next storm moves in late Tuesday night and will last through Friday morning. Accumulations don't look too big during any individual day or night, but two and a half days of on and off snow should pile up to at least 3-6" or 4-8" for many areas between Wednesday morning and Friday morning. This storm is not very strong, but it will keep moisture over Colorado and provide just enough energy for periods of snow. It won't snow the entire time between Wednesday morning and Friday morning, but with the lighter snow, cooler air, and mostly cloudy conditions, the snow should stay soft and fun through the holiday week.

Expect sunny and dry weather from midday Friday through the weekend, and then another storm will likely move up from the southwest on Monday (December 31st) and could target the southern San Juans with good snow (Durango, Silverton, Wolf Creek).

Enjoy your white Christmas!


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