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Quickly Find Your Forecast and Report names third snow storm of the season: Obamney

Update Nov 8th at 8am: The Weather Channel just named this storm Brutus but are mainly talking about the blizzard potential in eastern Montana and North Dakota. It's a naming war! Do you like Brutus or Obamney better?

The Weather Channel is "officially" naming winter storms this season and it started off with the name Athena for today's storm on the east coast. However, The Weather Channel seems not to be naming storms that bring powder to skiers and snowboarders across the west, so I'm taking the initiative to name these storms in honor of you, lover of powder. 

With that in mind, please welcome Obamney!

Obamney will provide jobs, er, I mean powder for many hungry riders across the west. Tahoe could see about a foot, Utah could measure up to three feet, Colorado might check in with two feet, Wyoming should get to about a foot, and Montana will likely see one to two feet.

Now that's what I call bi-partisan success!

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