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No Storms Till December


We stay dry through the end of the week and most likely through the end of the month. Temps will be mild through this Wednesday before cooling off significantly over the weekend. We will see periods of gusty winds over the course of this week as well. The next chance for a storm and precip is just after the 1st of the month.


Next 5 - 7 Days

Nothing has really changed in the forecast from yesterday. We'll stay dry through the end of the week and we should see cooler weather start by this Thursday and it should hang around the weekend before warming up again next week.

Periods of windy weather are possible Saturday night and Sunday with Northeast gusts up to 30 - 40 MPH likely. With the cooler temps over the weekend, snowmaking will be in full swing. None of the resorts have announced an opening day since temps have been too mild for snowmaking and the rain from the last system washed a lot of snow away. 

You can see on the European Ensemble Mean for precip anomaly that the entire West Coast including SoCal will be drier than normal through about December 1st. 

10+ Day Out

I've suggested we could see more precip and storms after the 1st of the month as the pattern might be more favorable for us. Check out the ensemble runs below from both the Euro and GFS. 

Euro Ensemble Runs

GFS Ensemble Runs

They are now both suggesting we could see precip around the 2nd and 3rd of December. The GFS has quite a few model runs showing it, while the Euro isn't quite as fully on board yet. I'll be watching this trend closely as we get closer. Until then, we'll just have to contend with our dry and sunny weather. 

Till the next one... Mike out. 


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