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Sunny for now, some snow coming up


The sunny weather will continue through Tuesday, then cooler temperatures and chances for snow will return later in the week.


Saturday was a gorgeous day with sunny skies, light winds, and comfortable temperatures that rose into the 20s and low 30s.

Now on Sunday morning, we are waking up to clear skies and temperatures that are warmer up on the hill and colder at the base.

The weather on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday will be similar to Saturday with sunny skies and high temperatures in the 20s and 30s. The snow surface should stay fun as temperatures are not getting that warm and the sun angle is still pretty low.

Our next chances for snow will be between Wednesday, January 19, and Saturday, January 22. During these days, two storms will track close to the northeastern corner of Colorado, and while this is not a favorable track for a lot of snow in Colorado, we could get lucky and see flakes and low-end accumulations during any of these days. Total snowfall could range from a dusting to 10 inches or more, and it all depends on the nuances of each storm and how close they move to Colorado. I am keeping my expectations very low for snow during these days, but if we can eke out a few inches here and there, the snow surface could soften up a bit. The other thing to note about January 19-22 is that temperatures will be cool with daytime highs only in the teens.

Looking farther ahead, most longer-range forecast models predict that the weather pattern will become more favorable for storms and snow as we get to the end of January and into early February. This is a good thing, but we are still too far away from this potential shift in the weather pattern to know any details of when we might see our next significant storm and how much snow is on the way.

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Snow conditions as of Sunday morning

New snow mid-mountain:
* 0” (24 hours Saturday 500am to Sunday 500am)
* 0” (Overnight Saturday 400pm to Sunday 500am)

New snow summit:
* 0” (24 hours Saturday 500am to Sunday 500am)
* 0” (Overnight Saturday 400pm to Sunday 500am)

Last snowfall:
* 3-4” Friday (Jan 14)

* 15 of 17 lifts
* 167 of 169 trails
* Latest update

Snowpack compared to the 30-year average:
* 126%