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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 2 months ago November 28, 2023

More Model Waffling, but We Will See Heavy Snow and then Heavy Rain


The models do agree on a solid period of accumulating snow followed by a prolonged period of rain. There's still some questions on when the snow will start, but a warm atmospehric river arriving on Sunday will turn everthing to rain and likely wash away all the new snow. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this is not the forecast we need right now.

Short Term Forecast

Well it's a bit of a bittersweet forecast, with the long-awaited return of snow only to be covered with a lot of rain. An active Pacific storm track develops this week and several rounds of precipitation are expected.

Two to three systems will come down from the Gulf of Alaska and track through the Pacific Northwest, featured cold and snowfall from Friday through early Sunday. 

The good news is that the cold and snowy period has trended deeper, with most of the Cascades seeing 10 - 20 in of snow through Sunday morning. Some guidance has this cold phase of the storm even stronger, with totals approaching 30 in. Check out the snow forecast from the National Blend of Models.

These totals look a bit over done to me, but hursday through Sunday will nevertheless be a cold and snowy period. Snow levels won't be an issue during this period, hovering around 3k until late Saturday night or Sunday morning.

However, a ridge will start to dvelop off the west coast, move inland, and set up over the internmountain west. This will direct the storm track into British Columbia and help pump tropical moisture and warm air into the region. Below you can see the upper-level pattern transition. 

This unfavorable pattern will persist, allowing warm and wet to contnue for a few days into early next week. The models do show a cold front appraching Washington on Tuesday, but how far south it makes it is still up in the air, and this will determine whether we can change back to snow. You can see the precipitable water forecast for late Monday night below.

This is a classic pineapple express signature with moisture streaming from Hawaii all the way into Washington. 

Extended Forecast

This upper-level low in the northwest Pacific will eventually make its way inland and when it does, we should see a cooling trend and some more snow. I'll have more details on the long-range pattern and the specifics for the cold and snowy period next week in the next post. 

Thanks for reading the Washington Daily Snow! 

Luke Stone
Forecaster, OpenSnow


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