The Mid-Atlantic Daily Snow

Snow & Powder Forecasts for Mid-Atlantic

Monday, December 17, 2012 9:20am MST

Daily Snow One Sentence Summary: Still warmer than average but not quite as wet through mid week followed by a cold front & showers on Friday and cooler weather over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the storm I mentioned last week decided not to show up, the thermometer has been stuck above average, and damp conditions have returned. Resorts were able to crank out some snow over the weekend but thanks to the warm/damp weather, most of this has melted over the past 36 hours and will continue to melt throughout the week. The next chance for a window of snowmaking will be Friday evening through early next week, mainly at night. Light snow accumulations are likely this weekend over the highlands of WV, MD, and PA.

Next update will be on Wednesday, fingers crossed I’ll be writing about a storm on the horizon!