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Thursday December 13th 2012 9:30am

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Daily Snow One Sentence Summary: Today technically kicks off week four of the Mid Atlantic season (from the day when Snowshoe opened) but few would know it from the winterless weather we have had as of late... glimmer of hope next week??

Our season (or lack thereof) continues to drag on with little true recovery in sight (glimmer of hope middle-end of next week). Resorts have been able to make some snow over the past few nights but we have yet to see temperatures drop to the level that would allow the around the clock snowmaking our resorts desperately need to build a sufficient base to open any appreciable amount of terrain. For higher elevation areas in WV, PA, and MD, ski areas should be able to make snow again tonight and possibly a few hours tomorrow night before temperatures kick back up and we see another warm showery period Saturday night-Monday. Luckily, rainfall totals should stay less than a half inch before temperatures cool again early next week and change any lingering mountain showers to snow (little accumulation).

Longer term, models are hinting at the possibility of a coastal storm mid next week. At this point, I would hesitate to project any real snowfall except for areas at elevation; resorts in WV, MD, Western PA, or Wintergreen in VA stand the greatest chance for accumulations if the storm materializes. The true glimmer of hope for anyone planning a Christmas trip is that we may get our first period of true winter cold during the latter half of next week to allow resorts to franticly make snow and open before the holidays.

** Going forward, I plan on updating the Mid Atlantic Daily Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with more frequent updates before holidays or when a storm is imminent! Please remember that I am always standing by to answer questions via our “Ask the Weatherman” feature. Pray for SNOW!

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