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By Matthew Platt, Forecaster Posted 11 days ago February 13, 2024



I have been on vacation down in Utah for the past few days which is why the timing on my posts has been off. One of my readers asked why I wasn't going to post until next Monday (the 19th) which was a typo on my part. I am posting today and should be back to my normal cadence. We have a train of storms moving into our region so let's take a look!

Short Term Forecast

If you get a chance to go ride down in Utah I highly recommend it. Powder Mountain is a phenomenal resort that limits the number of people they have on a daily basis. You can find untracked powder days after a storm and you don't have to fight the crowds in the Cottonwood canyons. 

We have the first in a series of storms moving into our region on Wednesday. This storm could actually be on the stronger side and drop over an inch of liquid from Wednesday through Thursday. Temperatures will be warmer but freezing levels should stay under 5500 feet. 

Plumes are fairly bullish with upwards of 15 inches forecasted at the northern areas:

I like 10-15 inches of snow at Tamarack and Brundage through Thursday. Maybe a bit less at Bogus with 8-12 inches of snow. Since the storm is approaching from the west Soldier and Sun Valley won't fare as well but should still pick up 4-7 inches of snow. 

The next wave of storms is forecasted to move in on Saturday (2/17) or Sunday (2/18) depending on the model you are looking at. The storm is not very organized and will mainly consist of a few stronger waves moving through. My concern is with the temperatures. We are getting to the point in the season where even slightly above-average temperatures will cause snow level issues. 

The GFS has 3-4 waves of moisture moving through from Sunday (2/18) through next Wednesday (2/21). The European model has only 2 waves of moisture moving through with the initial wave on Saturday (2/17) and another weak wave next Monday (2/19). Let's punt on this for now and see if the models come into some sort of agreement. 

Extended Forecast

There are indications on the ensembles that we dry out for a few days next week, but activity starts to pick up around the last week of the month:

The question really boils down to temperatures, but the GFS seems to like our chances for slightly below average temps:

With the winter season getting long in the tooth the jet stream will start to retreat further north which is good news for the PNW. 

I hope you enjoyed the gorgeous weather. Let's hope that this last gasp by old man winter is a good one! My next post will be tomorrow (Tuesday).


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