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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 1 month ago February 27, 2024

Southern Alps Storm Continues


The southern Alps stay in the flow on Tuesday, as easterly winds bring heavy snow to the western Italy. This pattern continues through Thursday morning as the upper-level storm slowly moves off to the south east. Another series of storms will get underway on Friday and last into early next week.

Short Term Forecast

The forecast from yesterday remains mostly unchanged. Periods of heavy snow will continue in the southern Alps through Thursday morning. As winds shift from northeast to east, to southeast, different areas will be favored. With an extended period of east/northeast winds, the southernmost part of the Italian Alps, which faces north, will see the most additional snow through Thursday. An additional 30 - 60 cms are expected in this region, with less the farther north/east you head. Below is the additional snow forecast through Thursday from the European model.

The next storm will be in two waves, starting Friday evening. The first round of snow will be the smaller one and will bring snow through Saturday morning  On Saturday night the second wave arrives, bringing heavy snow that could continue through Tuesday. This storm favors the Southern Alps again, especially the eastern side of Italy. The latest guidance suggests another event that will bring widespread snow to most of the Alps though, with several flow regimes as the storm approaches and moves through the Alps, 

It’s good to see the southern Alps stay in the flow after the first half of the season significantly favored the northern Alps. This is another strong storm capable of producing over a meter of snow in the southern Alps, and 20 - 40 on the northern side. We’re still five days out from the second wave of the next storm so I will fine-tune the details in a future post.

Below is an early look at totals from the next storm, starting later this week.

Extended Forecast

We may finally see a break during the latter part of next week, as a ridge builds in over Northern Europe. Toward the middle of the month, however, the ridge looks to move off to the east, allowing more storms to impact the Alps and Pyrenees.

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