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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 1 month ago February 29, 2024

Another Huge Storm for the Southern Alps On the Way


The good fortune for the southern Alps continues later this week, with another massive storm slated to arrive on Friday. This storm has the potential to bring 1 - 1.5 + meters to several areas in the southern Italian Alps of Italy and Switzerland. Snow will continue through Monday evening and then after a short break, the next wave will bring more snow on Tuesday morning through Wednesday night.

Short Term Forecast

A strong, long-duration storm will impact the Alps and Pyrenees from later this week through the middle of next week. Most of the details from yesterday's forecast remain on track, with just a few changes, so I will focus on those today. 

Due to slight adjustments in the storm track, there will be a shorter period of southwest winds for the Southern Alps. A longer period of southerly and southeasterly winds would result from this as well. This change brings less snow to the eastern side of the southern Italian Alps, and more snow to the western side. Below is the latest total snow forecast from the European model.

This storm will start warm, but a cold front arriving Sunday night will bring better-quality snow toward the end of this phase of the storm. A second cold front will reinforce the cold air for the final wave of the storm as well, from Tuesday morning through Wednesday.

Very heavy snowfall rates will be possible with this storm, especially Sunday morning through Monday morning in the southern Alps of Italy and Switzerland, and the Valle d'Aosta as well. Several more powder days are in store. 

Extended Forecast

We may have another system track close enough to keep the action going at the end of next week. The models are still trying to sort this out, and aren't in agreement at this time.

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