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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 1 month ago March 3, 2024

Storm Rages on In the Southern Alps


The strongest part of the storm is underway today (Sunday) and will continue through Monday. The southern Alps will amass huge totals well over one meter during this time. A final wave of snow will bring additional accumulations Tuesday through Thursday morning. A brief break from storm activity is possible later in the week but some of the guidance brings a weaker storm in as early as Thursday.

Short Term Forecast

Very heavy snow will continue to pound the western side of the southern Alps on Sunday through Monday morning. The central and southern French Alps will see solid snow during that time as well. After this phase of the storm wraps up on Monday, a third and final wave will keep snow going through Thursday morning. 

The western side of the southern Alps in Italy, including parts of Switzerland and France on the border, will have free refills on Sunday and another Powder day on Monday. This region will see an additional 1+ meters through Monday morning. Totals decrease farther west/north, but solid accumulations are expected deeper into the Alps, as you can see below. 

The final phase of this storm arrives Tuesday morning and more heavy snow is expected. This round of snow will favor the northern Alps, especially in Switzerland, but the eastern side of the southern Alps will get back in the action too. With a low-pressure crossing right over the Alps, we’ll have winds converging over the mountains, allowing both sides of the range to see heavy snow. Below is the Latest snow forecast for this phase of the storm. 

The models are a bit lost on the latter part of the week. A smaller storm is possible as early as Thursday, but some of the guidance holds off until Saturday for the next wave. We’ll have to keep an eye on that and hopefully get a better idea in the next few days.

Extended Forecast

The pattern now looks to remain active next weekend and beyond. An stormy upper-level low is expected to setup west of the Alps that could keep feeding storms into Central Europe. 

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