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By Luke Stone, Forecaster Posted 21 days ago April 2, 2024

Extended Warm and Dry Stretch Inbound


A few lingering showers are possible mainly in the western Alps on Tuesday. A ridge starts to move in on Wednesday and will bring warm and dry conditions through April 10th. The models disagree if the ridge will continue into the middle of the month.

Short Term Forecast

Some big snow totals and dangerous avalanche conditions were noted in the southern Alps over the last week. There was at least one fatal avalanche in Switzerland. In Italy, a man survived twenty-four hours buried in avalanche debris.

Intense snow storms will not be a concern in the Alps or Pyrenees for a little while, at least. After some lingering showers on Tuesday, ridging will bring warm and dry conditions for an extended period of time. 

This upper-level feature will stick around for a weak more, with storms being directed to the north. The models agree the ridge will hang in through about April 10th. At that time, the models begin to diverge, with some solutions bringing storms back into Central Europe and others keeping the ridge around longer. 

We’ll have to give the models a few more days to get a better idea of the longer range pattern. 

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